Get the VIP Treatment

We believe your loyalty should be rewarded. With our LVIP Rewards program —- you'll have even more reasons to choose Luxus again and again. Our tiered rewards system is designed to offer you more benefits, substantial savings, and exclusive access on your future stays with us.

1 - Enroll and Start Earning
  • Enroll for free and start earning Luxus Travel Credits immediately for every dollar spent.
  • Earn credits at a set percentage (dependent on tier level) of your total transaction value.
  • Enjoy tier-specific perks right from your first stay.

2 - Accumulate Luxus Travel Credits
  • You’ll earn Travel Credits for every dollar spent on direct bookings.
  • Get more points through exclusive promotions and direct bookings.
  • Leverage tier-specific benefits for even more points.

3 - Track Your Points
  • Monitor your Travel Credits and tier status through our user-friendly platform.
  • Receive notifications about special promotions to earn additional credits.
  • Watch your benefits grow as you move up tiers.

    • Redeem your Travel Credits for amazing rewards like discounts, free nights, and exclusive in-residence experiences.
    • Utilize tier-specific redemption options for greater value.

    Program Tier Rewards & Benefits
    Annual Spend: $0 - $15,000, earn 1.5% LVIP credit

    • Last-Minute Booking Perks: Special discounts and incentives for short-notice bookings.
    • Concierge service: Access to personalized trip planning and recommendations.
    Annual Spend: $15,001 - $35,000, earn 2.0% LVIP credit

    • All Silver benefits included
    • 5% discount code for one direct booking annually (exclusions may apply)
    Annual Spend: $35,001+, earn 2.5% LVIP credit

    • All Gold benefits included
    • 10% discount code for one direct booking annually (exclusions may apply)
    • Priority access to new properties: Be the first to know about and book new properties.

    By invitation only.

    Compare Rewards by Tier

    The LVIP program offers a range of benefits and perks at every membership level. From Silver to Pinnacle, we ensure that you receive value from your membership. Compare travel rewards by membership tier from exclusive booking privileges and welcome amenities. Become a Luxus VIP today to enhance your travel experience.

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